Viral Marketing Mania

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Who Else Wants To Know How To Exponentially Grow Your Online Business Using The Power Of Viral Marketing?

Explode Your Traffic And Leads By Letting An Army Of Loyal Followers Spread The News About Your Online Business!

We all have 24 hours in a day. How much can you accomplish in one day depends on how efficiently you use your time. In the context of drawing traffic and growing your business, it can be quite a tedious process if you were to do it alone.

Then came the concept of viral marketing. Ever visited a restaurant because your friend recommended it? Yup, word of mouth is an extremely powerful marketing tool.

With viral marketing, you will be able to reach a wide audience in a fraction of the time and cost. You’ll be able to do more in less and make full use of your 24 hours.

Viral marketing has allowed small businesses and corporate giants to reach a wide target audience faster than ever, and if you don’t tap into this online marketing phenomenon, you’ll be leaving tons of money on the table.

Here are some topics that will be covered:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction To Viral Marketing
  • Chapter 2: The Power Of Social Media
  • Chapter 3: Basics Of Viral Marketing
  • Chapter 4: Creating A Viral E-book
  • Chapter 5: Using Facebook As A Viral Tool
  • Chapter 6: Using Twitter As A Viral Tool
  • Chapter 7: Techniques For Creating Viral Buzz
  • Chapter 8: Viral Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


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Viral Marketing Mania
Original price was: $9.90.Current price is: $0.99.
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