Solo Ads Formula

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Finally, Discover How to Build a Profitable High Converting List from Solo Ads…The Right Way – Starting today!

In this step-by-step video course you will get to watch over my shoulder as I show you how to create a proper plan of attack to build your list, build a relationship with your list properly, and convert your lists into sales when you promote something.

List building is only profitable if you focus on building a quality list.

The big myth that people want you to believe is that you need a larger list, or that you should build the list fast.  The concept of quantity over quality.

But I want you to think the opposite here – quality over quantity. Get the thoughts out of your head that tell you that you can only succeed with a big list. Forget all the video courses that you’ve watched that tell you that you can or should build a 10,000 list in 2 days.  Because with that mindset, you’ll lose the focus which is serving those on your list and seeing them as a cash machine versus human beings.

Quality over quantity!

A list of 100 could trump a list of 20,000 in terms of how it’s used, and I’ve done it over and over again.

How would you like to learn how to not only – Build a list from solo ads but also how to get that list to convert?

In this video course, you will discover:

  • Video #1) Introduction
  • Video #2) What Is your end sales plan?
  • Video #3) Create your Mind Map of Success
  • Video #4) Where should you get the list?
  • Video #5) Big Myths Gurus want you to believe
  • Video #6) Congruency and Initial Offer
  • Video #7) Your Personality
  • Video #8) Follow Up series
  • Video #9) How to Convert

Grab this video course, and learn how to build your list from solo ads effectively in your business, increase your sales conversions, relationships, and more!


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Solo Ads Formula
Original price was: $9.90.Current price is: $0.99.
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