Online Viral Marketing Secrets Audiobook And Ebook

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Let’s get one thing clear: too many people try “viral marketing” and fail. The reason should be obvious. Most people have no clue what viral marketing is really all about. In fact, the more they hear the term, the more confused they get. This increases the likelihood that they will crash and burn when they try “viral marketing.”

Let me clue you in on a secret. The secret to viral marketing is all about getting into a niche network of people.

Believe it or not, people interested in whatever it is you are promoting are already congregating online. Maybe they follow a certain influential Twitter user. Maybe they have joined a wide range of Facebook groups and pages. Many of these are dedicated to this audience.

Most people who try viral marketing are clueless about this. They don’t even know that this niche network already exists.

This guide exposes the secrets to viral marketing that helps you save time, save money, and avoid unnecessary stress. Needless to say, if you follow the tips in this book, you will increase your chances of finally succeeding with viral marketing.

This is an audiobook and an ebook will cover all of the basics. This package, also, contains an opt-in page which will allow you to build your list by giving this away to your customers, visitors, and subscribers.

Within this package you will find the following modules:

Opt-in Page


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Online Viral Marketing Secrets Audiobook And Ebook
Original price was: $9.90.Current price is: $0.99.
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